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ShortcutKeys in Words

Posted By:Narayanan       Posted Date: July 14, 2011    Points: 25    Category:    URL: http://www.dotnetspark.com  

It is very useful to all kind of System users. Now a Days Computer knowledge is must. Most of the don't know the what are the ShortcutKeys in Microsoft word? So I will give the list of ShortcutKeys in the MS Word.

Bold Ctrl-B

Bookmarks Ctrl-Shift-F5

Break-column        Ctrl-Shift-Enter

Break-page Ctrl-Enter

Browse a document         Ctrl-Alt-Home

Browse next/previous item        Ctrl-PgDn/PgUp

Capatilize word      shift+f3

Case-All Caps       Ctrl-Shift-A

Close           Ctrl-F4

Close           Ctrl-W

Copy           Ctrl + C

Copy formatting    Ctrl-Shift-C

Customize a shortcut       Ctrl-Alt-Num +

Cut    Ctrl-X

Date Field    Alt-Shift-D

Decrease font size CTRL+SHIFT+<

Dialog box next tabbed section Ctrl-Tab

Dialog box previous tabbed section     Ctrl-Shift-Tab

Document window-move          Ctrl-F7

Document window-restore        Ctrl-F5

Document window-size   Ctrl-F8

Drawing-constrain shape to symmetrical        Shift-drag

Drawing-draw from center         Ctrl-drag

Exit application      Alt-F4

Fields-display code         Shift-F9

Fields-display codes (toggle)     Alt-F9

Fields-double-click in field        Alt-Shift-F9

Fields-insert blank field    Ctrl-F9

Fields-lock a field Ctrl-3

Fields-lock a field Ctrl-F11

Fields-next   field F11

Fields-previous field        Shift-F11

Fields-unlink a field         Ctrl-6

Fields-unlink a field         Ctrl-Shift-F9

Fields-unlock a field        Ctrl-4

Fields-unlock a field        Ctrl-Shift-F11

Fields-update         Alt-Shift-U

Fields-update link in source       Ctrl-Shift-F7

Fields-update selected     field F9

Find   Find Ctrl + F

Font   Ctrl-D

Font   Ctrl-Shift-F

Font grow/shrink 1 pt      Ctrl-] or [

Font next/previous size    Ctrl-Shift- >or <

Font Size Ctrl-Shift-P      Font Size Ctrl-Shift-P

Footnote      Ctrl-Alt-F

Create a new blank document    Ctrl + N

Go Back      Ctrl-Alt-Z

Go Back      Shift-F5

GoTo          Ctrl-G

GoTo Next/Previous Paragraph          Ctrl-Up/Down

GoTo Next/Previous Word       Ctrl-Left/Right

Graphic-crop         Shift-drag

Graphic-original proportions     Ctrl-click

Hanging indent-decrease Ctrl-Shift-T

Hanging Indent-increase   Ctrl-T

Hard hyphen -       Ctrl-Shift -

Hard space Hard space

Header/Footer-link to previous Alt-Shift-R

Heading Level 1     Ctrl-Alt-1

Heading Level 2     Ctrl-Alt-2

Heading Level 3     Ctrl-Alt-3

Help   F1

Help-What's this? Shift-F1

Hidden text Ctrl-Shift-H

Hyperlink     Ctrl-K

CTRL+SHIFT+> Increase font size

Indent-decrease     Ctrl-Shift-M

Indent-increase      Ctrl-M

Ctrl-Alt-M    Insert Comment

Insert ListNum       field Ctrl-Alt-L

Italics          Ctrl-I

Justify-Center        Ctrl-E

Justify-Full   Ctrl-J

Justify-Left Ctrl-L

Justify-Right          Ctrl-R

Line-spacing          Ctrl-1

Line-spacing 1.5    Ctrl-5

Line-spacing 2       Ctrl-2

List Bullet Style     Ctrl-Shift-L

Macros-edit           Alt-F8

Macros-view VBA code Alt-F11

Mark-Index entry   Alt-Shift-X

Mark-TOA citation          Alt-Shift-I

Mark-TOC entry    entry Alt-Shift-O

Maximize window Ctrl-F10

Menu Bar     F10

Microsoft System Info    Ctrl-Alt-F1

Move between master/subdocument    Ctrl-\

New line within paragraph          Shift-Enter

Next window         Ctrl-F6

Nonprinting characters     Ctrl-Shift-8

Normal Style Ctrl-Shift-N          Ctrl-Shift-N

Open a document Ctrl-O

Open Ctrl + O Opens a saved document

Outlining-collapse Alt-Shift-Num -

Outlining-expand   Alt-Shift =

Outlining-expand   Alt-Shift-Num +

Outlining-move      Alt-Shift-Up/Down

Outlining-promote/demote         Alt-Shift-Left/Right

Outlining-Show 1st line    Alt-Shift-L

Outlining-Show All Headings     Alt-Shift-A

Outlining-Show Heading 1         Alt-Shift-1

Outlining-Show Heading 2         Alt-Shift-2

Outlining-Show Heading 3         Alt-Shift-3

Outlining-Show Heading 4         Alt-Shift-4

Outlining-Show Heading 5         Alt-Shift-5

Outlining-Show Heading 6         Alt-Shift-6

Outlining-Show Heading 7         Alt-Shift-7

Outlining-Show Heading 8         Alt-Shift-8

Outlining-Show Heading 9         Alt-Shift-9 

Page number field Alt-Shift-P

Pane-Close Alt-Shift-C

Paragraph Space Above (add/delete 12 pt.)Ctrl-0    Ctrl-0 (zero)

Paste Ctrl-V

Print   Ctrl-P

Print Preview         Ctrl-Alt-I

Redo the last action         CTRL+Y

Remove Character formats        Ctrl-Shift-Z

Remove menu item          Ctrl-Alt -

Remove Paragraph formats       Ctrl-Q

Remove paragraph or character formatting    CTRL+SPACEBAR

Repeat the last command          Ctrl-Y

Repeat Find           Ctrl-Alt-Y

Repeat Find Shift-F4       Repeat Find Shift-F4

Replace       Ctrl-H

Revision Marks on/off     Ctrl-Shift-E

Save As       F12

Save Ctrl-S

Select All     Ctrl-A

Selection extended          F8

Selection reduced Shift-F8

Shortcut Menu       Shift-F10

Small Caps Ctrl-Shift-K

Spelling and Grammar check     F7

Spell-It-display next misspelling          Alt-F7

Style box     Ctrl-Shift-S

Subscript     Ctrl =

Symbol Font         Ctrl-Shift-Q

Table-remove border lines         Ctrl-Alt-U

Table-to column    bottom Alt-PgDn

Table-to column top        Alt-PgUp

Table-to row beginning    Alt-Home

Table-to row end   Alt-End

Thesaurus    Shift-F7

Time Field   Alt-Shift-T

To bottom/top of screen Ctrl-Alt-PgDn/PgUp

Type (c)      Ctrl-Alt-C

Type (r)       Ctrl-Alt-R

Type (tm)    Ctrl-Alt-T

underline      CTRL+U

Underline-double   Ctrl-Shift-D

Underline-word      Ctrl-Shift-W

Undo           Ctrl-Z

View-Normal         Ctrl-Alt-N

View-Outline         Ctrl-Alt-O

View-Page   Ctrl-Alt-P


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