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Reading BLOB Data from the Database

Posted By:Shashi Ray       Posted Date: November 27, 2009    Points: 10    Category: ADO.NET    URL: http://www.dotnetspark.com  


Reading BLOB Data from the Database

When creating a SqlDataReader object through the ExecuteReader method to read rows that contain BLOB data, use the CommandBehavior.SequentialAccess enumerated value. Without this enumerated value, the reader pulls data from the server to the client one row at a time. If the row contains a BLOB column, this might represent a large amount of memory. By using the enumerated value, you have a finer degree of control because the BLOB data will be pulled only when referenced (for example, by means of the GetBytes method, which you can use to control the number of bytes read). This is illustrated in the following code fragment.

// Assume previously established command and connection
// The command SELECTs the IMAGE column from the table
using(SqlDataReader reader = cmd.ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior.SequentialAccess))
  // Get size of image data-pass null as the byte array parameter
  long bytesize = reader.GetBytes(0, 0, null, 0, 0);
  // Allocate byte array to hold image data
  byte[] imageData = new byte[bytesize];
  long bytesread = 0;
  int curpos = 0;
  while (bytesread < bytesize)
    // chunkSize is an arbitrary application defined value 
    bytesread += reader.GetBytes(0, curpos, imageData, curpos, chunkSize);
    curpos += chunkSize;
// byte array 'imageData' now contains BLOB from database

Note   Using CommandBehavior.SequentialAccess requires you to access column data in a strict sequential order. For example, if the BLOB data is in column 3, and you also require data from column 1 and column 2, you must read columns 1 and 2 prior to reading 3.




Shashi Ray


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