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String Functions In VB.NET

Posted By:Abhisek Panda       Posted Date: November 14, 2009    Points: 25    Category: General    URL: http://www.dotnetspark.com  

String Functions In VB.NET

Some of the String Handling functions in VB.NET are follows,

Len(String):- This function returns an integer containing the number of characters in the specifies string including spaces or no. of bytes required to store the variable.

Dim Str As String,Len As Integer
Len=Len(Str)'returns 7

Space(int):- It returns a string containing the specified nmber of spaces.

Dim Str As String
Str=Space(5)'return a string with 5 spaces.
Str="Hello"&Space(5)&"INDIA" 'it will add 5 spaces between two strings.

LCase(String):- This function translates all upper case characters in a string to lower case.

Dim Str,LStr As String
LStr=LCase(Str)'returns "welcome"

UCase(String):-This function translates all lower case characters in a string to upper case.

Dim Str,LStr As String
LStr=LCase(Str)'returns "WELCOME"

RTrim(String):- It returns a string after removing trailing spaces from a string.
LTrim(String):- It returns a string after removing leading spaces from a string.
Trim(String):- It returns a string after removing trailing as well as leading spaces from a string.

Dim Str,tStr As String
Str=" Welcome "
tStr=Trim(Str)'returns "Welcome"
tStr=RTrim(Str)'returns " Welcome"
tStr=LTrim(Str)'returns "Welcome "
tStr=RTrim(LTrim(Str))'returns "Welcome" same function as Trim()

StrReverse(String):- This function reverse the specified string.

Dim Str,RStr As String

StrComp(String1,Strins2,[Compare]):- This function is used to compare two string for there values. Here compare is an optional argument that specifies type of comparision.

Asc(String):- It returns an integer representing the ASCII code corresponding to the first letter of the specified string.

Dim no As Integer
no=Asc("A")'returns 65
no=Asc("a")'returns 97
no=Asc("Microsoft")'returns 77

Chr(Int):- This function takes the ASCII character code as argument and returns the character corresponding to the code.

Dim Ch As String
Ch=Char(65)'returns "A"
Ch=Char(97)'returns "a"
Ch=Char(77)'returns "M"

There are also many more string functions in VB.NET, but these are frequently used functions.
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