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difference between ADO and DAO programming?

Posted By: krishnavenikaladi     Posted Date: February 20, 2010    Points:2   Category :.NET Framework
programming difference between ADO and DAO programming?

Author: Venkat             
Posted Date: February 20, 2010     Points: 5   


To get the difference between ADO and DAO you can refer this post.


Author: Lalij Mer             
Posted Date: February 22, 2010     Points: 5   

Show here


Please Check my answer if you help....
Thank You...

Author: krishana singh             
Posted Date: December 07, 2010     Points: 5   

I think the main difference is about the recordset type you used. If you use
a FIREHOSE recordset, with ADO, you have the minimal recordset possible,
having fetched just the first record (from the SELECT statement), and which
will wait for you to explicitly make a move next record to fetch the next
record, while with DAO, you may have, by default, a recordset which pump the
whole table (all records, or at least, a set of bookmarks). Note that a
firehose recordset is a ReadOnly ForwardOnly recordset. You can also try not
force waiting the end of execution of a parallel thread of execution by not
asking, as example, for a MoveLast: generally, Access will open the
recordset and fill it on a parallel thread of execution, so your VBA thread
of execution may not have to wait that the recordset is fully initialized.
You can see it in action when you open a long query: the first page is
displayed quite fast, but the "y" value in the displayed label "x record of
y" may take much more time to appear.

Access, Excel, VBA, DAO and ADO all work based on COM technology.

ADO can use tables created by DAO without problem. Can also use tables
create in Oracle, by whatever tool you used to speak to Oracle in order to
create the tables. The tool used to create the tables is irrelevant, just
the tables themselves matter.

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