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Doubts in WPF and design patterns

Posted By: dotnetbubbles     Posted Date: March 09, 2011    Points:5   Category :WPF
1.Diff b/w mvvm and mvp patterns?
2.what is dependancy property?
3.Difference b/w control template and data template?
4.Diff b/w wpf and windows applications?
5.Exaplain about Dispacher Object?
6. What is difference b/w MVVM and Prism patterns?
7. Main diff b/w WPF and Silverlight

Author: kamlesh             
Posted Date: March 09, 2011     Points: 20   

MVVM Model-View ViewModel is similar to MVC, Model-View Controller

The controller is replaced with a View Model. The View Model sits below the UI layer. The View Model exposes the data and command objects that the view needs. You could think of this as a container object that view goes to to get its data and actions from. The View Model pulls its data from the model.

for dependancy property u check below link

Difference b/w control template and data template?
They're mostly the same, getting most of their behavior from the base FrameworkTemplate class. The primary difference is that ControlTemplate has a TargetType property and DataTemplate has a DataType property.

Another difference is that the DataTemplateSelector can be used to choose a DataTemplate at runtime. So, for example, the ColumnHeaderTemplate that you mentioned has a companion ColumnHeaderTemplateSelector property.

Diff b/w wpf and windows applications?

WPF vs. Windows Forms

+ Powerfull styling and skinning structure
+ Easy to create an own Look and Feel
+ Does support Windows Forms
+ The future technology for developing Vista Applications
+ The ability to reuse existing code
+ Highly advanced databinding possible
- Declarative vs procedural code
- Requires .NET Framework 3.0
- Compared to Windows Forms, still in development fase
- Requires Dx9 compatible vidcard for advanced graphics

Windows Forms:
+ Extensive documentation to be found on the internet
+ Plenty of examples
+ Does support WPF
- How long will this be supported? (I've read somewhere that Microsoft is only developing WPF now, only maintanance for Winforms)
- Design your own look and feel in a application is a lot of work.

Prism is not a design pattern, but a Library of different components; some of them can help you implementing the MVVM-pattern, for example with Commanding.

difference between WPF and Silverlight?


Thanks And Regards.
Kamlesh Nikam

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