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search in Treeview Node

Posted By: kamlesh     Posted Date: February 18, 2011    Points:2   Category :Windows Application

i have one tree view node and it contains sub nodes all sub nodes having some data and it displayed in particular data grid view.
{for Ex. i have one root node: Kamlesh and it contains mail,Contact etc. if u click on mail it will pop up data grid view for Mail same as Contact} so i want to search particular mail from Tree view node
means search in All Nodes How to do it in C#.Dot Net please help me.

i have created a particular search on mail,Contact but i need search it on all nodes



Author: Sunil Yadav       [Moderator]      
Posted Date: February 21, 2011     Points: 5   


Search in the data collection which is bind to tree view control.

Author: kamlesh             
Posted Date: March 14, 2011     Points: 20   

public static string strComputerName = System.Environment.MachineName;
public static string ConnectionString = "Data Source = " + strComputerName + "\\SQLEXPRESS; Initial Catalog = Outlook; Integrated Security = SSPI";
public static string AttachmentPath = AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory + "Attachments";
public class MailDetailDTO
int _ID;
int _RouteFolderId;
int _SubFolderId;
String _MailFrom;
String _MailTo;
String _MailCc;
String _MailBcc;
String _MailSubject;
String _MailBody;
DateTime _MailDate;
int _MailSize;
bool _HasAttechment;
String _MailBodyNew;

public MailDetailDTO()
_ID = 0;
_RouteFolderId = 0;
_MailFrom = String.Empty;
_MailTo = String.Empty;
_MailCc = String.Empty;
_MailBcc = String.Empty;
_MailSubject = String.Empty;
_MailBody = String.Empty;
_MailSize = 0;
_HasAttechment = false;
_MailBodyNew = String.Empty;
public int ID
get { return _ID; }
set { _ID = value; }

public class MailDTO
public MailRouteFolderDTO RouteFolder;
public List<MailSubFolderDTO> SubFolderDTOList;
public MailSubFolderDTO SelectedSubFolder;
public List<MailDetailDTO> MailDetailList;

public class MailNodesDTO
public MailRouteFolderDTO RouteFolder;
public List<MailSubFolderDTO> SubFolderDTOList;
public MailNodesDTO()
RouteFolder = new MailRouteFolderDTO();
SubFolderDTOList = new List<MailSubFolderDTO>();


public class MailRouteFolderDTO
public int ID;
public string Name;


public class MailSubFolderDTO
public int ID;
public string Name;
public int RouteFolderID;
public int Lavel;
public int ParentId;
public bool HasChildNode;
public List<MailSubFolderDTO> ChieldNodeList;

public MailSubFolderDTO()
ChieldNodeList = new List<MailSubFolderDTO>();


Thanks And Regards.
Kamlesh Nikam

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