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please let me know CTS overview

Posted By: vivek     Posted Date: December 07, 2010    Points:2   Category :.NET Framework
Overview of CTS in .NET framework

Author: krishana singh             
Posted Date: December 08, 2010     Points: 5   

Common Type System CTS :A fundamental part of the .NET
Framework's Common Language Runtime (CLR), the CTS
specifies no particular syntax or keywords, but instead
defines a common set of types that can be used with many
different language syntaxes.

this is common language runtime.the code which is in
environment of clr is called managed code.every language
has runtime in case of .net there is CLR.so that that has
some responsibilites that is to tack care of the execution
of code
other responsibilites
garbage collection-in that it remove the object which are
not refered for long time.using Idisposable interface with
dispose method

Jit compiler also convert IT to native code
In that include exception handling.etc

common language spefication
thsi is guideline that to communicate smoothly with other

common type system
this is used to communicate with other language.
example in vb we have int and in c++ we have long so that
in one case they are not compatiable with each other so
that CTS palys important role with using System.int32

Author: krishana singh             
Posted Date: December 08, 2010     Points: 5   


Author: krishana singh             
Posted Date: December 08, 2010     Points: 5   

CLS : cls is a standard for .net . cls is small set of specification to make all languages as a .net compliant languages. cls make a use of cts and clr. if my languages (c#,vb.net,j#,vc++) wants to be compliant language it has to follow cls standard.

CTS : Common Type System is also a standard like cls. If two languages (c# or vb.net or j# or vc++) wants to communicate with each other, they have to convert into some common type (i.e in clr common language runtime). In c# we use int which is converted to Int32 of CLR to communicate with vb.net which uses Integer or vice versa

Author: vivek             
Posted Date: December 08, 2010     Points: 5   

Hi,thx for the timely help.

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