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my Question Regarding dotnet

Posted By: surbhi     Posted Date: October 25, 2010    Points:2   Category :ASP.Net
Q-which of the following are required to be true by objects which are going to be used as key in a system.collection.hashtable?
A-They must handle case -sensitive identically in both the Gethashcode() and equals() method
B-key objects must be immutable for the duration they are used with hash table
C-getHashCode() must be overridden to provide the same result given the same parameters ,regardless of reference equality unless the Hash table constructor is provided with an IEqualityComparer parameter
D-Each element in hash table is stored as a keyvalue pair of the type system. Collection .dictionary element
E- All of the above

Q- When using (CSS) to format output,which of the following is/are ture?
A-Style can be applied to All elements having the same CSS class attribute
B-style can be applied to specific element based on their ID attribute
C- Style can be applied to the elements based on their position in a hierarchy
D_Syle can be used in inoke script based code
E All of the above

Q-Where should information about Created at design thime be stored
A- Application state
B- Session state
C- View state
D- None of the above

Q-Determining the availability of sufficient memory for an application can be accomplished by:
A-creating an instance of System.runtime.memoryFailpoint and monitoring for an insufficient memory Exception
B-creating an instance of system.runtime.memoryFailpoint and monitoring for an out of memory Exception
C-there is no supported application level mean determine if the specific amount of memory is available

Q-Which of the following events should be used for assigning theme dynamically to a page?
E Render

Author: Narayanan             
Posted Date: October 11, 2011     Points: 20   

4)C.please refer this link:http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3849311/determining-the-availability-of-sufficient-memory-for-an-operation
Lakshmi Narayanan.S
Note: Please create these type of questions are in the Poll section

Regards, Lakshmi Naraayanan.S

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