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what is difference between static variable and application variable?

Posted By: Ramesh P     Posted Date: October 19, 2010    Points:2   Category :ASP.Net
Tell me about the difference between static variable and application variable.

Author: Santosh             
Posted Date: October 19, 2010     Points: 5   

Static Variables

1. Variables defined local to a function disappear at the end of the function scope. So when we call the function again, storage for variables is created and values are reinitialized.

2. So if we want the value to be extent throughout the life of a program, we can define the local variable as "static." Initialization is performed only at the first call and data is retained between func calls.

3. Static variables are local in scope to their module in which they are defined, but life is throughout the program. Say for a static variable inside a function cannot be called from outside the function but is alive and exists in memory.

Application Variables
1. Global Variables are also similar to the static variables but these variables are available outside the module/function and its scope is available through out the application.

2. These Variables can be accessed from any of the function


Author: Syed Shakeer Hussain             
Posted Date: October 20, 2010     Points: 5   


When developing Web applications with ASP.NET, you sometimes need to access data which is shared among users again and again throughout the life of the application.

If you want to share a value or an object instance between all sessions, you typically use the Application object. However, a better alternative to Application object is a static property defined in a class. Static properties maintain their values throughout the Application. So they work like the Application object.

Storing and reading a static value is faster when we compare it with the Application object because static variables do not need to look-up in a collection when you refer to them and you do not need to cast from object to a specific type.

The key reason that the Application object exists in ASP.NET is for compatibility with classic ASP code to allow easy migration of existing applications to ASP.NET.

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