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How To Split Last String

Posted By: Jayakumar     Posted Date: September 07, 2010    Points:2   Category :ASP.Net
i need How To Split Last String


i need like this using the command lastindexof

Author: Majith             
Posted Date: September 07, 2010     Points: 5   

Hi JayaKumar,

In C# string handling methods the lastIndexOf method is used to find the last occurrence of a character or string.This method includes various over loaded options to locate the strings of last position.

The method finds the string from the last character to the first character. If the value is located, its index is returned or -1 is returned.

string strTest = "http:\\www.microsoft.com";
int index= strTest.LastIndexOf('\');
if(index= == -1)
// Do the operation
int index1= strTest.LastIndexOf("com");


Author: Akhil Raj       [Moderator]      
Posted Date: September 07, 2010     Points: 5   

you can use the followign options to find 'microsoft.com'

1. Using IndexOf

string str = "@http:\\www.microsoft.com";
String answer = str.Substring((str.IndexOf('.') + 1), str.Length - (str.IndexOf('.') + 1));

2. Using Split method

string str = "@http:\\www.microsoft.com";
String answer = str.Split('.')[1] + "." + str.Split('.')[2];

LastIndex is some complex because you not pick the last part after dot.

Author: Asha.MP             
Posted Date: September 09, 2010     Points: 5   

Dim StrToSplit As String = "http://www.microsoft.com"
Dim StrSplit As String = StrToSplit.Substring(StrToSplit.IndexOf("microsoft.com"))

StrToSplit.IndexOf("microsoft.com")-->Return the index of "microsoft.com"
StrToSplit.Substring(StrToSplit.IndexOf("microsoft.com"))-->Split the string by that index

Thanks and Regards,

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